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Brian Prindle

"In my twenty years of teaching Brian is the most impressive, self-motivated guitar player I have ever taught. He has a natural ear and talent for music that extends into multiple instruments and styles." 

Dianne Redstone, “Axe Handler”, Performer, Teacher, Luthier

Brian Prindle grew up in a home filled with music. His father played the piano and trumpet, his mom played the guitar, and
his grandfather is an accomplished Canadian fiddle player. Brian showed an interest and aptitude for music at an early
age, beginning with the piano at home, and later playing Canadian fiddle tunes with the Twin City Fiddlers. 


As a pre-teen, spurred by a love for classic rock, Brian picked up the electric guitar and began studying with a local instructor, who exposed him to a broader range of musical styles and taught him important improvisational skills. A chance meeting at a Twin City show introduced him to the mandolin as well.


In his teens Brian continued to explore various musical styles, adding acoustic guitar, bass and drums to his expanding repertoire. He played lead guitar with the Bristol, RI acoustic jam-rock band Unabridged during his college years. This band also gave Brian the opportunity to try his hand at songwriting, and he contributed regularly to their original material.


Seeking more opportunities to develop as an improvisational player, Brian began attending and participating in local Celtic music jams, but it was his discovery of bluegrass that brought everything together. Playing bluegrass music has further developed Brian’s formidable guitar playing and he has recently picked up the banjo, fiddle and singing as well.


Brian auditioned for and was accepted into the Berklee College of Music’s performance program. He did not attend, deciding to pursue a college degree in construction management, but has continued his study of music independently, at bluegrass jams and festivals as well as holding a position a position as the banjo player of the Bluegrass band Local Freight. Most recently Brian has john the Boston-based band The Bagboys playing guitar He is currently available as a capable and reliable musician for hire, in addition to taking on new students for in-person lessons in the Quincy, MA area, or for remote Skype lessons on the web.

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